Top Rated Baking Games For Girls

Ever since the evolution of the smart phones, the apps are made to attract more consumers. Apart from social apps, other types are also introduced in the market, for example, baking games for girls. Therefore, before these games were available kids used to play outside but now they are home bound.

Cooking Games

baking games for girls

There are apps for girls which include the cooking, baking and other creative games for girls. Kids can bake pizza dough, biscuits and cakes by following instructions in games which are a source of the fun along with the source of information. Furthermore, recipes of all the dishes are available, banana walnut bread is a famous recipe.


Sara’s Cooking Class

SARAS-APPThis game is one of the top rated game in cooking category. Kids learn to play and cook from different ingredients and learn to re create dishes. You can see kids whirl, move and shake to make delicious recipes. The game keeps telling the names of ingredients so kids can memorize the whole recipe, can later help mom in the kitchen.

It is a virtual world of cookies, super cup cake, pizza pie and delicious french toasts. Create everything with your hands. The game is inclusive of donuts restaurant and carrot cake mini games.

Online Cake Game

392x696bb (1)Baking games for girls include the online cake game this game is popular among young girls. Since young girls have a thing for babies and dolls this game comes with a complete package which includes the animated characters who make the game interesting and enthralling.

Online cake games comes with the features of baking;

  • Carrot cake
  • Donuts
  • Pizza pie
  • Fun dough
  • Anzac biscuits 
  • Super cupcake
  • French toast
  • Cookies
  • Halloween cupcakes etc

Virtual World

Virtual world games are common among teenagers who like playing games close to the reality. Sims was one of the most liked game according to the research, however, there are several others which can be played if you are a virtual game lover. Your life can actually turn into the sizzling hot action movie, just download the Virtual World on your personal computer.

This game is top rated of all the total games based on reality. Therefore, this game has outstanding features, addictive game play, and intellectual story line.

Minestrone Soup Gameabundance-tomato-soup-with-basil-med

Baking games for girls have an addition of yet another masterpiece Minestrone soup game which has been played all around the world with record breaking users online.

You can cook, bake as well as cut the vegetables and the spices which will be used to make the soup. What makes this game interesting is that it has a story mode and arcade mode to choose from, therefore both come with an outrageous game play experience.


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